How Much Does an Investment Advisor Earns

An investment advisor is an individual or group who are professional and highly educated that makes investment recommendations or conducts securities analysis of any individual personalities or any organization in return of a certain fee. An investment advisor who has sufficient assets to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission is known as a Registered Investment Advisor. When any company or any organization or any individuals are going for any kind of financial investments they need certain guidance from those who are expert in this and can guide with you the proper risks and certain tips related to that investment this is when the role of Investment Advisor is needed. There are a huge career and job opportunities in the field of Investment Advisor where you can get jobs as per your need. For any fresher who wish to know how much does an investment advisor earns we have come up with some information regarding investment advisor salary, please go through the following article below.

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As per the applicable regulations by the government, Investment advisors are not allowed and strictly prohibited from giving any advice to those personalities who are known to be fraud or has any illegal activities with any financial institutions. If these people take help from any financial advisor they might invest their money in any firm and turn all the black money to white, in this case, both the sides are parallelly responsible for this kind of inhabitant and both will be punished under government Law. 

There are two types of investment advisors in India, one is privately or independent investment advisor and the other one is registered official through the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). The investment advisor salary in India can be as minimum as, 1,40,000 per year and as high as 1,800,000 per year.

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An Investment Advisor can work either in government firm or private firm as well, but the most interesting part is that he/she can work as independent but in this, you have to arrange your clients which are the most difficult part you can ever face. If you are looking for choosing this as a career for yourself then you must aim for more and earn higher as per you want. One of the best parts of this job is that if your client gets extra profit through your investment advice you can ask for some percentage of profit and earn more as well. 

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